Pratt. Sérigraphie "Theater and the cats" Numbered and limited serigraphy

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20x50cm 39,00€
40x100cm 90,00€

«Pratt. Sérigraphie "Theater and the cats" Numbered and limited serigraphy»

Description : "Venice Fable" Album / Casterman 19

This collection of serigraphies is a tribute to the famous HUGO PRATT line.
His constantly evolving graphic style was based on his mastery of black and white.
HUGO PRATT, it was also a search for an aesthetic requirement
and a stylization of the form that this series of images highlights.

Original limited, numbered serigraphy
Dry stamp - 2 colors

accompanied by a certificate
+ dry stamp with HUGO PRATT signature
as well as two stamps on the back of the serigraphy

Format 20x50 cm numbered and limited to 600 copies.
Format 40x100cm numbered and limited to 300 copies